Our aim at BoxBunny is to relieve you once of few times a week by saving you the time to prepare the luncbhoxes. We are committed to deliver your kid a healthy and balanced meal, directly at school.

Lack of time has become a major issue nowadays. Between the pressure at work and the willingness to provide what’s best for the children, between the desire to take time for yourself, with your husband/wife or with friends, it is sometimes so hard to find, on a daily basis, the energy to prepare a healthy lunchbox with good products.


Our menus and recipes have been created with the consent of a nutritherapist in order to best fit with your children nutritional needs. It is so important for their growth and to bring them all the required energy to learn at school.


We source our products carefully. We want to make it clear that we are not certified as “”organic”. It would be impossible to work with organic suppliers only as well as we deeply believe in sustainable agriculture and therefore want to promote local and seasonal products.


We believe it is important to build our project as a whole so that is why we would like to keep taking further initiatives in order to minimize our impact on the environment. We work everyday to set up an effective waste management as well as we want to promote ecological transportation means.

First of all, we started with our reusable boxes system. Indeed, we deliver our lunches in stainless steel boxes that we collect, wash and integrate again in our process for the next deliveries.

Raising Awareness

There is only one Planet Earth and it is fairly urgent to start taking care of it. In the near future, we would like to initiate actions for children to raise awareness for the food challenges we face in the coming years.

Through games and teaching cards, we could sensitize them on ingredients, cooking techniques and cuisines from around the world, agriculture. We will organize activities such as farm and producers tours, cooking and workshops, …



Amélie studied law and is a former attorney but comes from a family that is so passionate about food. After few years in various law firms in Brussels and London, the passion for food and cooking made her take the decision to join an online nutrition program that she still currently follows. She spends an incredible amount of time discovering new recipes, but always looking for the balance between flavours and nutritional values.

She likes most: sushi and raw fish (most probably a birth distortion as she was born in Japan…) but, as a true Belgian, the famous “croquettes aux fromage et aux crevettes”! (cheese and shrimp croquettes)

Her guilty pleasure: chocolate fondant, the more it melts the better!

Ludovic, also started his career a traditional way as he studied and worked in management. After a few years is large and small companies, he realized passion was a key element that he misses in his daily professional life. He then decided to work as a commis in a restaurant in Brussels before he moved to London to follow a cooking school (Le Cordon Bleu). He will end up this career change by working in a cheese shop so that he values the quality of products and the respect for artisans work. By combining both backgrounds, entrepreneurship in sustainable food becomes obvious!

He likes most: pasta! Any type but mostly with tomato sauce…

His guilty pleasure: cheese (goat cheese particularly) and daim’s®

We are a couple both at home and in the kitchen and we love it! Between 2013 and 2016, we used to live in London and we could feel an inspiring and growing dynamism around food for kids, most probably as a result of Jamie Oliver’s positive campaigns to fight junk food at school. As we became parents, we also realize we all want what is best for our children and food is obviously no exception. The problem is that we don’t always have enough time or ideas to reach this objective.

The idea of BoxBunny was born when we came back in Belgium and started discussing with our friends and families about the way they feed their kids at school and that is how we had started thinking about a solution to help kids eat better. In 2017, we had the chance to attend a coaching program of the ministry of economy from the Brussels Region on circular economy: Greenlab. We were lucky enough (and quite surprised) to earn the first prize, mostly because of the growth potential of our project but also as it could help the families of Brussels. We kept the good work and started our first deliveries is schools in September 2018! Hub.brussels keeps on coaching us since then!

Since March 2019, we are also proud members of Réseau Entreprendre. This network is another opportunity to meet and discuss with interesting entrepreneurs but more importantly we could create productive partnerships. Last but not least, we can benefit for our experienced mentor who can guide us to the right entrepreneurial decisions.



BoxBunny wouldn’t be BoxBunny without a bunch of partners that help us make our project develop. Whether they are supply food, boxes, coaching, creativity or anything else, they all contribute to the end products that we deliver everyday to your kids.


There is only one Planet Earth and it is fairly urgent  to start taking care of it. In the near future, we would like to initiate actions for children to raise awareness for the food challenges we face in the coming years.

De manière ludique, il s’agira d’en apprendre sur les aliments, la cuisine et l’agriculture au travers de jeux et fiches didactiques. Mais nous voulons aussi organiser des activités ponctuelles comme des visites des producteurs et de ferme, des ateliers culinaires, des workshops autour de l’alimentation,..

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