In matters of taste, there can be no disputes. And this can’t be more true with children! Hence we offer 3 daily options so you can be best fit the menu with the taste of your child. The Explorer menu changes every 2 days while the Gardener and Athlete change on a weekly basis.


As a started, your kids could start with raw vegetables and a dip sauce in order to maximize the vegetal intake for lunch, or a slice of ham or some egg for the protein intake, or some olives or something else for the healthy fats.

Main dish


Afterwards, they keep going with the main dish that you can choose from 3 options available every day.



There is nothing better than a sweet touch to finish with. This could fresh or dry fruits, some chocolate, a cake, homemade energy balls, …

As we like full and balanced meals, our boxes always consist in a small appetizer, a main dish and a sweet touch at the end. It is a real three-course menu like we get at the restaurant!

The boxes are very different from one another and we try to offer various options every day and every week. We want to try new flavours and products so children can discover new food even though we will try to keep it simple so they like it!

Small yum


We recommend the size Small for children from 3 to 6 years. (5.00€/box)

Medium yum


We recommend the size Medium for children from 6 to 9 years. (5.50€/box)

Large yum


We recommend the size Large for children from 9 to 12 years. This size fits for adults with a reasonable hunger too (teachers, admin, …). (6.00€/box)

Maxi yum


For the tough and sporty teenagers who are in full growth, we also offer a size XL. (7.00€/box)

We offer 4 different sizes of box too since a big boy of 11 years doesn’t have the same appetite as a small princess of 5 years. You know you kids so we let you decide from these recommendations depending on their appetites.



1. Online order

Connect to your personal parent account so you can easily order, modify and cancel your lunchboxes. Payment is made through a secured online system We take care of everything else!


2. Cooking in the kitchen

Every morning, we cook and prepare your kids’ lunchboxes with love. We guarantee super fresh ingredients that we use in our “AFSCA”-authorized kitchen.


3. School delivery

The lunchboxes are delivered in each school on time so you can rest assured your children get their lunch when needed. We use bigger isotherm boxes to guarantee the right cold temperature from to kitchen to meal time.


4. Kids eat

The lunchboxes are distributed to the children with the help of teacher or school employees.


5. Box recollection

As soon as the lunchboxes are finished, kids put them back into the big isotherm box so we can collect them all back. We wash them and obviously can re-use them again!

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